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Gabriel Russo

Bob Reneke, Mr. Sinatra's long-time personal assistant, said of Gabe, "This guy has Frank's style and snap, nobody else has it."

Born in the fifties in Philadelphia, Pa., Gabe comes from a showbiz family. His aunt sang with the Dorseys and his father was a saloon crooner of renown up and down the East Coast. As a boy he received vocal instruction from Stoddard Smith and made soloist in the St. Johns Cathedral men's choir. Gabe began singing, tuxedo and all, with his father, Gabe Sr. and pianist Junie Price at the age of eight. They continued to occasionally perform together, into the 1980s, in nightclubs all over the northeast: The Cafe Continental, The Latin Casino, The Crescendo, and more.

In his teens he discovered rock and roll, singing lead vocals in several rock bands as well as playing guitar and bass guitar for many years. He has performed, as a solo acoustic act, an on-air auctioneer for WFSU T.V., is a recurring character on an award winning live radio show, and (very briefly) hosted his own T.V. show.

Russo has been an actor since 1973 when he played an orderly in One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest. He has been fortunate enough to portray a host of characters on stage including Nathan Detroit (twice) in Guys and Dolls, Jeff Douglas in Brigadoon, King Arthur in Camelot, Emile DeBecque in South Pacific, Oscar Madison (twice) in The Odd Couple, Matt Friedman in the Pulitzer prize winning Talley's Folly and many others.

Russo's background of 'youthful crooning', along with his years of acting and solo performing make him uniquely capable of capturing the ease and comfort on stage that typify the very best crooners of bygone days.

Whether he's performing his one-man show, "Summer Wind, An Intimate Evening with Frank Sinatra," or in concert his portrayal of Mr. Sinatra is "deft and 'spot-on'."

Gabe brings his shows to you in several affordable formats: A full fourteen piece big band, a five or six piece combo, a pianist, or with pre-recorded musical tracks.

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