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Performance Packages

Gabriel Russo can bring Frank Sinatra to you in two different formats -- in concert or theatrical presentation.

The Concert is Russo in the classic tuxedo performing all the great standards. The show contains all the romance and laughs you would expect from a concert with Ol' Blue Eyes. It may be booked for one, one and a half, or two hours. The two hour show has more music than the one hour show, just about double.

SummerWind: An Intimate Evening with Frank Sinatra is a theatrical presentation brought to you in two acts. Act 1 is an informal meeting backstage with Frank before a concert. In 55 minutes he discusses his career in music and film, with a few songs 'thrown in.' Act 2 is a 45 minute concert with all the best of Sinatra's music. With a 20 minute intermission SummerWind is a two hour show.

Both The Concert and SummerWind are available in a variety of packages. This flexibility makes either show suitable for a range of venue sizes and budgets. All packages are complete drop-ins with sets, equipment, and techs for venues up to 300 seats. For larger venues some additional equipment may be required. Listed below are the performance packages available for Russo's Concert and SummerWind. If you are interested in booking a package please contact us about dates and prices. You may e-mail us at booking@ContemporaryCrooner.com or fill in the appropriate fields on our Contact Page.


Gabriel Russo in Concert

4 Packages Available

  • Russo performing to musical tracks recorded by an orchestra
  • Russo with a jazz piano player
  • Russo with a small combo band
  • Russo with his Note Worthy Band, a 14 piece big band


SummerWind: An Intimate Evening with Frank Sinatra

4 Packages Available

  • Act 1 with piano tracks, Act 2 with orchestra tracks
  • Act 1 with piano player, Act 2 with orchestra tracks
  • Act 1 with piano player, Act 2 with small combo band
  • Act 1 with piano player, Act 2 with Note Worthy big band
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